Rethinking Infidelity

Why do people cheat? What does it mean to have an affair and be unfaithful? What is really going on in the bigger picture with such incidents? And is it really the worst thing that can happen in a relationship? In my work with couples I have come to realize that affairs are often symptoms […]

The 3 Hardest Parts of Having a Narcissistic Loved One

Having a highly narcissistic loved one can be an incredibly maddening experience … literally. Whether they be your spouse, parent, close relative, or even a friend in a larger social circle, highly narcissistic people have the ability to virtually prey on the insecurities of those around them for their own benefit. They are cunning. They […]

On Blame

“Blame is simply the discharging of discomfort and pain. It has an inverse relationship with accountability. Accountability by definition is a vulnerable process. It means calling you and saying ‘hey my feelings were really hurt about this’ and talking, It’s not blaming. Blaming is simply a way to discharge anger.” Blame is one of the […]

Becoming Your Own Parent

A lot of what has many people coming to therapy in the first place – the root of much of their distress – stems from a variety of unmet needs in the more formative years of childhood. It is these unmet needs that can so subtly yet concretely solidify aspects of our personalities that even […]

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