As just about everyone very well knows cannabis use has changed significantly since its legalization in various states over the past three decades. Not only are people consuming it in different ways, but it is almost starting to feel like it’s just about everywhere you go these days (or perhaps that’s more reflective of my […]

How to Avoid Political Burnout

No matter what your political views are chances are pretty good that this most recent election season has left you burnt out and pretty stressed to say the least. While many are choosing to no longer pay attention to the news anymore, others feel it most important to stay informed perhaps now more than ever. […]

The 3 Hardest Parts of Having a Narcissistic Loved One

Having a highly narcissistic loved one can be an incredibly maddening experience … literally. Whether they be your spouse, parent, close relative, or even a friend in a larger social circle, highly narcissistic people have the ability to virtually prey on the insecurities of those around them for their own benefit. They are cunning. They […]

Fear of Gratitude

Does that resonate with you? I know it certainly does for me. But why is that? Why is it so easy to be unhappy, pessimistic, cynical, critical, judgmental, and negative? Why is it so hard to simply appreciate the beautiful things in life rather than focus on the negatives? Granted many people in the world […]

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