Counseling Services

Please click on the following links to learn more about the specific service(s) you are most interested in. I provide counseling services to individual adolescents and adults of all cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

Getting Started:

If you are interested in working with me or would like to explore the possibility of working together, please contact me at 510-329-8674 so that we can find a time to meet. I offer an initial session 50% off to give us a chance to evaluate your needs, assess our working together, and address any questions or concerns you may have (about me, my approach, what to expect, etc.).


I will meet with you weekly at our prearranged appointment time(s). While the first session will last 100 minutes, each session thereafter will typically be 50 minutes unless we decide to meet for longer. For the first 2 hour session I will only charge you for one hour’s worth of my time to see if working with me is something you’re really wanting to invest in.

If I am working with you individually, as a couple, or as a family, I usually will not work with you under a different context or structure simultaneously. For example, if I see you and your partner for couples work I cannot be your individual therapist at the same time. In short, the reason for this is because my role as a therapist changes when working with individuals, couples, or families. It would not be helpful to you or fair to your others for me to cross these boundaries. I will, however, be happy to refer you to a knowledgeable and skilled clinician upon request should one member of a couple want to supplement their therapy with individual counseling. Furthermore, if at the end of couples/family counseling one of you would like to work individually I would be happy to talk about that more with you.


My fee varies on a case by case basis depending on a number of circumstances. I try to keep my rates flexible and affordable because I want to work with you regardless of price. I offer an initial session 50% off to evaluate your needs and assess our working together, part of which is agreeing on a reasonable rate that you and I can both afford. Therefore, I offer a sliding scale therapy fee to a certain number of clients who may need the financial assistance. I do, however, charge my going rate to those who can afford it as there are only a certain number of sliding scale or low fee clients I can afford to work with.

**Cancellation Policy**: I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. This means that you will have to call me at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or change an appointment. Exceptions are of course granted in emergency situations (i.e. accidents, crisis, hospitalizations, etc.). You will, however, be billed for any missed sessions that were not the result of an emergency and that you did not provide 24 hours notice for. This applies to those paying both the full and sliding scale therapy fee.

Insurance: With the rising cost of living and health care expenses, you’re wise to want to pay for therapy through your insurance company. I, however, am currently an out of network provider for personal and professional reasons. Therefore, I offer a sliding scale therapy fee to those who cannot afford my standard rate. I am, however, happy to provide you with a monthly receipt that your insurance company may reimburse you for. This, however, is at the complete discretion of your insurance provider and policy plan. I advise you to contact them to inquire should this be of interest to you.

What to Expect Throughout Therapy:

As I mention on my About Therapy page, I want you to come to me with things that you really want to talk about and work on. These can pertain to issues that have come up in past sessions, in your personal life since the last session, matters from the past, or concerns about the future. I will engage with you and formulate discussions to help you navigate those areas of your life that you may be having a hard time seeing, resolving, accepting, etc. in an insightful and compassionate way.

Length of Treatment:

There is no definitive answer for how long counseling lasts. Some people are in therapy for years while others are in counseling for a few weeks. Generally speaking, the more in depth you want to go in your therapy, the more sessions that will require. Alternatively, if you are wanting counseling to help with one or two more circumstantial or immediate issues, it may not take as long. I don’t like to stick to any firm deadlines or set number of sessions. In my experience, it is best to assess this throughout treatment on a case by case basis.

For more information about my services or to schedule an initial session 50% off, please contact me at 510-329-8674.

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