Therapy for Depression

Depression has many forms, some of which don’t always look the way we expect them to. Depression can manifest in debilitating grief and sadness – making it feel almost impossible to get out of bed some days, numb, hopeless, and closed off to the world and those around you. It can bring out irritability or a prickly demeanor and sometimes it even shows up as anger or boredom. All of these are uncomfortable on a good day, and extremely painful or debilitating on a bad one. Depression can dull your senses, cloud your judgment, and make connections with others nearly impossible. In fact, it can make just about anything difficult to the point where even gravity feels heavier. Depression is confusing, especially if you are not sure why you feel the way you do.

When you are under the cloud of depression, it is hard to imagine things can be any other way. In our work together we will get to know your depression. We will befriend it and learn about how, when, and why it shows up with the goal giving you a sense of power and command over it. Whether you are suffering from consistent low moods/energy, or are crippled by a sense of dread that makes it difficult to function at work or in your social life, I offer effective, compassionate, creative therapy to help to ease your suffering.

Many of those I work with who are depressed tend to feel:

  • profound sadness
  • low energy
  • grief/loss
  • ecogrief
  • emptiness/isolation
  • a chronic sense of dread
  • irritable, angry, and moody
  • like they can’t reach out to their friends or family for support
  • shame/worthlessness
  • like a failure
  • as though life isn’t worth living
  • motivated to cope with their difficult feelings with drugs or alcohol
  • indifferent to being alive or even thinking about ending their life

I can help you:

  • learn how to better cope with your feelings
  • make sense of all the complicated feelings you’re sitting with given your circumstances and life context
  • identify various inner blocks preventing you from having a meaningful and satisfying quality of life
  • work through whatever grieving process that may need to happen for you
  • work through internal wounds from your past that may be contributing to your depression
  • by supporting you in living the life you want but don’t feel like you can or should have or pursue

Through psychotherapy I offer insights, associations, and interpretations that can provide relief from your suffering and help you believe that you are not alone in your suffering. It is my goal to find a way to connect with you and make sure that you know that I am with you in your struggles. All progress, and healing stems from the trust that I am able to earn from you. Since therapy is an art as much as it is a science, I have a unique relationship with everyone I work with, and thoroughly enjoy the creative process of learning how to connect with each and every client.

For more information on my approach please visit my About Therapy page. For a complimentary 20 minute phone session or to schedule an initial session 50% off please contact me at 510-329-8674.

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