Climate change got you down? Well, it should, and you’re not as alone as you might think. Ecogrieving is a very real and hard thing to wrestle with that no one likes to talk about.

The unfortunate and scary reality of our climate’s fate is getting harder to ignore. From certain species of bees becoming endangered to desertification to just about every month that passes being the hottest one on record – the anxiety and sadness can be really intense for many people. But because it’s an upsetting topic with no foreseeable solution (especially given the current state of politics) no one seems to want to talk about it, which can leave many feeling alone and depressed in their grief.

Many millennials are even starting to question their desires to procreate. Between many scientists attributing one catalyst of the climate drastically changing to the ever increasing human population (particularly in western countries) to a number of studies predicting catastrophic effects of climate change happening as soon as the end of the century (this) young people are starting to feel conflicted between their primal desires and moral reasoning.

While this article nor any piece of advice on the topic should be taken as a solution to this emotional hardship (there are no objective answers), it is meant to encourage those of you who are ecogrieving to start talking about it with others (i.e. your therapist). One thing that tends to make this even harder than it already is is feeling like everyone else is able the happily live their lives without a care in the world while you’re having an existential crisis reevaluating your entire value system. It’s the isolation that is the most maddening. Finding someone or a group to talk about this with doesn’t solve the problem, but it will definitely help normalize your feelings.

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