MFT & PCC Private Practice Internship Opportunity at CPSC

Are you or someone you know a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) or Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) Intern and looking to start a private practicing internship? Are you sick and tired of clinical internships that are either demoralizing, lacking in clinical support, hyper stressful, and/or under compensated? Are you looking for an opportunity to develop the business and clinical skills it takes to run and grow a successful therapy practice for the rest of your career? If so, then this opportunity may be for you.

Every intern is so excited to be done with graduate school and eager to finally be able to do this work. However, many are quickly discouraged by the lack of quality opportunities to propel them into their careers and/or sustain their quality of life throughout the process. As much as we feel compelled to do this work and deepen our clinical skills we still need to make a living, and let’s face it … the SF Bay Area isn’t exactly “affordable.” These are among the reasons I completed the bulk of my internship with the Center for Psychotherapy, Spirituality, & Creativity, and why I’m so excited to be the Director of Intern Recruitment and Practice Development at CPSC. We are looking for interns who have the drive to take their careers to the next level, and propel them to do meaningful and exciting work both during their internship and beyond by taking the plunge into private practice.

Since 2005 CPSC has been committed to providing intern clinicians with the support, training, and skills necessary to have a successful private practice by the time they become fully licensed. Unlike a clinic or agency, which is designed to provide you with clients, we assist you in marketing and promoting yourself as a competent clinician who has the skills, professional development, and personal maturity to command a fee which enables you to make money as you move toward obtaining your MFT license.

Our program is designed for interns who feel called and ready to begin their own practice with a maximum amount independence and autonomy. What this means is that you have the option of opening an office in the location of your choosing anywhere in the Bay Area under our auspices. CPSC offers you individual and group supervision from the Clinical Director, Peter Coster, Ph.D (MFT #24853), or you may hire your own supervisor or join a supervision group that may be more suitable in terms of meeting times or theoretical orientation. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and consultation regarding how to build and develop a steady case load. These are all vital skills that you will be able to employ for the rest of your career.

In establishing what is essentially your own practice you are free to move at your own pace, decide how many clients you want to carry, what fees you want to charge, how you would like to promote your skills, what trainings you would like to attend, etc. We will provide over sight to ensure you are doing everything legally, ethically, and that meets the standard of care in our community, but we are mainly there to support and guide you through all of these decisions that you have to make for yourself. Going into private practice will require you to step out of your comfort zone to really discover who you are and how you will manifest as a therapist. We will help you develop your professional identity by gaining clarity about the type of therapy that you are wanting to offer and the kinds of clients you wish to serve. As your practice grows, so too will your compensation in the form of a stipend. Therefore, because you as an intern cannot legally own your own practice, you will be considered a volunteer at CPSC, which is a registered and licensed non-profit, and be compensated a healthy percentage of all client fees you collect in the form of a stipend. This amount of your stipend will fluctuate according to the amount you collect in fees.

The type of supervision you can expect to receive is designed to empower you to find your own voice and develop your theoretical orientation. Our supervision orientation draws upon the best of relational psycho-dynamic, Jungian-Analytic, existential-humanistic, and somatic body-based therapies that are grounded in attachment-affect-shame theory. These are all held within a holistic frame which honors the spiritual and sacred dimension of the human experience. Our supervision groups provide a safe holding and supportive environment in which to grow as a clinician. We encourage open and honest conversations which includes the exploration of how our personal process and growing edges are always present within the therapeutic dyad.

If this internship model feels right for you, then take the next step by emailing your resume and cover letter to Please feel free to either email or call me at 510-329-8674 if you have any questions or concerns you would like to address prior to applying to join the CPSC community.

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