Shame and Gender Part 3: The Positive Effects of Feminism on Couples Counseling

While it is still a very nascent field, the earlier history of clinical psychology has a lot of skeletons in its closet. In fact, if you were to research some of its dark history you would likely find that some of the grandfathers of the field (typically old men) used to go so far as to sleep with their patients (vulnerable and powerless women). This is of course illegal and considered wildly unethical now thanks in part to the growth and evolution of the feminist movement over the past century. Here is one such article that shows how violet and misogynistic psychotherapy, and specifically couples counseling, was in its earliest years. It was interesting for me to read this as a male therapist as most of the people who call me for couples counseling are female partners. One thing I often hear is how they specifically want a male therapist because they think it will be easier for their male partner to engage and open up. However, just fifty or so years ago it was male therapists who were sadly doing more harm than good.

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