Technology and Therapy

From culture to communication and organization to entertainment and then some, the growth of the tech industry over the past 20 years has influenced almost every facet of existence. Therapy and mental health is certainly no exception to this. For instance, now clinicians are able to provide therapy via telecommunication devices to clients all over the world to make a diverse range of mental health services more accessible to a greater population of people. Furthermore, there are even a number of apps designed to bringing mindfulness practices to a part of your daily life to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The inclusion of technology into the therapy world is, however, pretty strongly opposed by some of the older school clinicians as some see the development as a distraction more than a benefit to one’s own therapeutic work. Do you think the mental health community ought to embrace the inclusion of technology into the therapeutic and mental health world or stick to its tradition of having a face to face human interaction as the main avenue to mental ease?

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