The Pros and Cons of Self-Disclosure

Self-disclosure is a very controversial topic in the therapeutic community. Some counselors see it as clinically dangerous and will remain a blank slate to their clients for years, while others will see aspects of self-disclosure as almost necessary to the therapeutic relationship. I tend to lean more towards the latter for the sake of deepening my relationship with clients as long as it is done mindfully, tastefully, and appropriately. I remember, for example, how much it meant to me when a therapist I was seeing years ago apologized for having to cancel the previous week’s session to take care of her two sick daughters. I was so touched by her willingness to tell me about her children that it only encouraged me open up to her more than I had been up until that point. Times are changing, however, and as technology advances complete self-disclosure is becoming increasingly more difficult, particularly with the rise of social media over the past decade. Here is an interesting article for therapists and clients to consider about self-disclosure in the midst of a pervasive virtual world.

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